El ruido de la noche:

El ruido de la noche:

                        The area was very quiet and without light. Quiet enough to hear the sound of its footsteps even if the dog walks down the street.
At midnight something was crying softly and only the screaming sound could be heard.
Jones got up from the bed with confused fear and walked in the direction of the noise.
He turned on the light in the hall. But the noise followed Heard from the Kitchen. Frightened he picked up a nearby plastic pipe and gently stepped into the kitchen and He tapped the bulb.
When he looked around, he saw a large black cat lying on a vase basin with green eyes, a curly mustache and a salivating tongue.
Shocked, Jones chased the cat but, It just woke up with its open mouth.
jones gently hit its body and hit the barrage. After sprinkling the chili powder, cat got scared and went out with a small hole in the kitchen with irritated eyes.
Morgan arrived in the morning after the night shift.
He was too tired so, he entered to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.
In the kitchen all the items was crushed. The iconic particles were scattered. Chili powder scattered all over the floor. The water was dripping. 
Without understanding anything... Morgan angrily shouted and entered the bedroom.
Jones was snuggling inside the bedside like a mountain snake.
He asked angrily?
What happened in the kitchen jones?  Why its so crumbling?
Jones answered calmly, That black cat came back at midnight, like the day before yesterday.
Don't worry, I'll fix myself.
With a wrinkled face Morgan asked..
Don’t tell the same story again.. like  the cat got into the car the day before.
The cat came back to the kitchen yesterday.
Its not a story it’s a truth…
But I never saw it...
You're going to shift at night .. it's coming out at night. Then how do you see. The cat is just hiding somewhere in the street.
Today night it will come and then you will understand.
If the cat comes like you say, today is the last day for it .. said Morgan angrily and left the house.
Then he came house for the night again, Jones was sitting on the sofa inside and watching TV. Silence enveloped the area. Darkness surrounded. without street lights, Both were waiting for the cat.
The cat was missing for several hours. Then Morgan and jones went to bed with disappointment. The street was like being inside a black blanket. Loud noises heard at 12 o'clock and someone screaming. Together the sounds of smashing in the kitchen.
Slowly Morgan went to the kitchen, Jones was angrily beating Vase basin with his pipe. Hey Jones what are you doing? come on .. Morgan I just told about this cat. 
it will bite us. you take the chili powder and come.. go soon ..
Hey Jones where is the cat ??
Look here the cat Sitting.
I know nothing about.. Hey.. Jones do not lie.
Here is the big black cat said jones. And he slowly speaking with that cat..
Hey cat, if you not run away
I will tell you mother .. that he was talking to himself looking at the vase basin.
Morgan looked at him sharply with suspicion and was confused as to what was going on..
From there he grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away.
But the cat in Jones' eye was just there.
Hey Jones the cat is not there at all. Why are you acting like this?
Are you crazy looking at me Morgan?
No jones..
OK, let's talk in the morning. Come and sleep said Morgan.
The next morning the two set out.
Jones asked? where we were going now.
Jones please don't be angry. I don't know if you know it will be abnormal for a few days.
That's why we going to see a good psychiatrist I know.
The two ended up fighting inside the car.
But Morgan went fast without stopping.
 After a while Jones fainted and also they reached the hospital.
Then, Morgan put him to bed on a stretcher and took him inside. Then, doctor asked Morgan about the incidents and took the Jones into a separate room.
After first aid, he slowly woke up after a while.
Giving the drug olanzapine
doctor rubbed his palm, and began to ask the secrets buried deep in his mind.
Ok my boy. who are you?
Slowly he opened his mind and began to speak.
I'm Jones.
Ok.. jones. 
Do you like pets?
Yes, I love pets.
Then, Why don’t you like cat?
No, I love cats.
 Then, tell me about the cat that comes to your home?
It's a big black cat,
 If we keep looking into its eyes it will bite our throat and drinks the blood. Daily it Come to my house every night.
Why the cat coming to your house?
To see I’ve eaten or not.
Is that the job for the cat?
Yes, slowly it will kill me if I don’t eat.
When I fell asleep it will checks the utensils in the kitchen.
Who said that cat job is to take care of you?
Mom ....
Mom, oh.. come on. Where is she?
Mom .. died ..
Oh.. I m sorry jones..
Can you please tell the reason?
She died by a Car accident ... If I had eaten that day, my mother would have survived.
The car accident happened because this cat came across ..
When your mom passed away?
October 2019 ..
Then doctor understood everything.
Ok don't worry I will talk to that cat .. don't cry ok ..
Hm .. Hm ..
You sleep ... I will see you later..
Morgan, who was sitting nervously outside, went back to that room.
Mr. Morgan I understands well what the problem is with your friend.
What's the matter, Doctor? Any deadly disease?
Do not be afraid Morgan..
It’s a hallucination. The old stories his mother told him when he was a child are deeply ingrained in his mind.
That black cat is the fictional character his mom told him to be afraid to eat well.
Even after the death of his mother, the stories told there are deeply ingrained in his mind.
In his subconscious mind, the black cat is still alive.
But, doctor this is happening for a few days now ..
Yeah, Look Mr. Morgan his mom died in the month of  October.
Every year in October, whenever his mother's memories come to him ..
He remember this sharp stories along with his mom.
All memories are in his deepest thoughts.
Telling a lie multiple times becomes the truth.
Everything is in your hands.
Hide yourself from him too. Mam I am his childhood friend, I understand but if your friend wants to be good you should be a stranger to him.
Now he is half unconscious so you drop him off at home and hide yourself from his life. Otherwise he will enter his own hallucination world and go crazy. Morgan eyes widened with shock.. 
Now, you’re the medicine for him.
After hearing the medicinal reason, from doctor he picked up Jones and left for home.
Jones was sleeping in the car coming home.
Slowly Morgan got out of the car and quickly entered the house and took photos of his mother hanging on the wall.
Morgan removed all the items which had in jones memory.
He then picked up Jones, who was lying in the car, and slowly picked him up at home.
So, Morgan decided to live near his house,
It is a fact known only for a time, how many day's exactly he is mentally ill.
Now he is recovering from those old bitter memories.
One day At midnight again the same noise was heard in the kitchen.  Jones woke up, Slowly  went to the kitchen in the confusion of fear.
There was a real little white cat licking the scattered milk drops.